Saying Goodbye After A Sweet Sunset

Down by the sandy and excluded beach, I witness an alive and glowing sunset.

Shielding my burning eyes from its blinding rays, I lean down on bended knee,

as it begins to sing me her departing song to my restless and aching heart.

Her song flows through my veins, warming the cool blood in my shivering body.

The musical songs of her departure echo throughout the tired lands of the world.

As she begins to pull the tears from my once dry eyes,

My sunset bellows out her pain-staking grief.

I embrace each minute of her fading glimmers of shine.

For I kindly remind her of the next beginnng day once the first promising star is born.

Only now can a streak of sun be barely viewed across the once blue sky line...

Her graceful landing and fall into her soft bed of clouds has painted a fiery color across the earth,

creating an energy full of hope.

And now...

My tears no longer fall, and

My blood no longer runs cold.

The sunset's grief has emptied herself through my soul.

For her night has come to a peaceful rest,

As I begin to move on,

dancing throughout the new night.

by Ariana Cherry

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