Saying Goodbye Temporarily

From the one you have chosen among so many,
despite the strong bond of friendship bestowed,
the profound token of loyalty, you said goodbye...
hopefully temporary...

Where art thou,
my princess, to which queendom thou go?
to Quantum or shall it be The Milky Way?
for thou saith goodbye unto me temporarily...
well, sure it was you, and not some other mistressee...

The milliards milky ways come towards me appealing
so small that I see them as one curtain of sea links
oh I wished you here, this goodbye is so appalling
hence you cherished me with two, methinks

Where art thou my precious princess?
you told me you go to the south and I'll do my best
waitin' for you, your beauty and cute queendom
don't want your wealth, just you and your wisdom

So please no WhatsApp, but Skype or an InterCall
I sure won't tell your other lovers at all
I'll use the Nightscape train
and I'll not scream even in mental pain

Where art thou,
my princess, to which queendom thou go, honey?
to Cinderella's or shall it be Snowhite
for thou saith goodbye unto me temporarily.....
well, sure it means short and not too long, right?

Please, don't say goodbye when I'm not ready yet
it makes me insane, terrible deadly mad
my mind can't cooperate with all these suds
my sense stays aridly uncomfortable while it floods

©Sylvia Frances Chan
Wednesday noon@ 12.11 hrs. p.m.
16th Jan- 2013

by Sylvia Frances Chan

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The milky way says goodbye with quantum in mind with wonderful whispering. Really very interesting and fine poem shared with amazing thought and idea. Saying good bye is temporary because there is hope of coming back again. Very amazing......10