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Saying No............

When I met you first
Your charming personality attracted me
With your sweet words fallen in love with you
Your knowledge motivated to think of you
Your kindness brought me close to you
Your beautiful smile every time crossed my mind
Then we became good friends.
Our friendship made me fall in love with you
I believed you are the one I need you for my life
When I expressed my love to you
You rejected it by 'SAYING NO'
My mind was confused and confidence shaken
The energy of my heart was depleted
and I felt my heart become lifeless
Is it easy to walk away from you with out your love
Can I say good bye to you with out tears from my eyes
Do I have the strength to accept your word 'NO'
My love and feelings no one knows
except my heart and soul.
Will my heart stop thinking of you? I don't know.

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