VW (17-04-1969 / India)

Saying Sorry …

Saying Sorry …

‘Sorry’ is used apologetically
Apology is the admission of guilt
Guilt can be referred to Fault
Fault happens due to imperfection
Imperfection is a result of weakness
Weakness occurs due to limitations
Limitations put one into captivity.

Now, let’s read this in reverse…

Being in captivity I had my limitations
Limitations acted on my nerves and made me weak
That weakness brought into me imperfection
When I was imperfect I committed a fault
Everyone said fault is guilt
Advised me to admit the guilt and apologize
As an apology I had to say ‘SORRY’.

Now, let’s see things as the crow flies…

While saying this ‘sorry ‘
I just talked to myself, “It’s too difficult to say this! ” -
If I want to avoid ‘saying sorry’ -
Then I should be free from captivity
Freedom will free me from saying sorry.
I started listing all those causes
Those put me in captivity in this world.

Now, let’s see the item in the list.

“1. My EGO”
I wondered. Is this only ‘one’ in the list?
I realized, ‘this one is equal to thousands’.
For all those who find it difficult to say sorry,
I have a humble word with you.
“Fight for your Freedom from ‘Extreme Sense of Self’ “
Thus you may avoid saying sorry.

Still, if you have to say so… You can say it with extreme ease.


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adds up to the my thing your thing and the correct thing and done on a very nice note we fly off sorries....mostly unecessary... vidi u hv brought it into a sharp focus...several angles beautiful... a truly unique poem loved reading it cheers and ten
Saying sorry is the start of healing, acceptance of your sorry, then makes things right. Sorry is the start of healing. No sorry, means the start of guilt, guilt can erode like and like a cancer grow. Result fear and unhappiness. Vidi your poems create good thoughts. Thank you. Bob
Wow Vidi, first I must confess that your poem was recommended by another poet...it is absolutely fabulous and I will certainly recommend it far and wide to all the egoists that I come across and believe me there are many of them....It is worthy of publication in all national journals and newspapers...10++++
the poem of the day to me....excellent analysis you have done''all the three views where presented beautifully...though my view would be different....to me ego can never be negated''...ego should grow instead of shrinking...a bigger one will not fear...saying sorry in not at all a problem for me..and i say it from my heart...this poem i take into my favs
I have a humble word with you. “Fight for your Freedom from ‘Extreme Sense of Self’ “ Thus you may avoid saying sorry. no sorry for this..... it is so good write and catches the imagination
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