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Saying This
(25th March 1943 / )

Saying This

Poem By Ernestine Northover

'Two heads are better than one', they say,
As long as you both agree,
And 'Too many cooks can spoil the broth',
If they argue incessantly.

You can be as 'Cool as a cucumber',
Just because you're perfectly composed,
And after that you can 'Sleep like a top',
If you were motionless whilst you dozed.

'Tomorrow never comes', you know,
If you don't do what's needed today,
And 'Look before you leap', because,
In the end you may have to pay.

You can even get 'One's back up',
But try not to irritate,
And 'Cuckoo oats and woodcock hay',
Means that spring has come too late.

A 'Cat can look at a king', so see
That I am as good as you,
And I can be 'Betwixt and between',
Somewhere between the two.

One can also 'Beat about the bush',
Not coming straight to the matter in hand,
And I too can 'Fall upon my feet',
As long as I softly land.

'Least said the soonest mended',
Can only make things worse,
And if you buy a 'Pig in a poke',
You'll end up with an empty purse.

So if I say 'Sew the button on',
Then write down what you need to remember,
And lastly, if you were to 'Hold the fort',
You would become a great defender.

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (8)

A really clever piece of work Ernestine, you are one amazing talent. Love, Andrew xx
I really love this quirky humor Ernestine. You have once again, crafted all this in rhyme and your imagination as worked a treat for us all! Thank you for sharing. Karin Anderson
It is appealingly witty indeed. Susiexxx.
I've found another one! Don't put of until tomorrow what you could have done today, lets all get a great job done in the present so that we can look back with a real sence of 'I tried my best, ' A great write Ernestine thankyou for sharing it, Love Duncan
Very nicely done, Ernestine. This will have wide appeal. Raynette