Legends told of a great powerful demon
That came from the gates of hell
A demon by the name of Scalla
For then his rein will prevail

A dance is preformed around a ring of fire
Where it is said Scalla holds his throne
A female virgin must be sacrificed
To the demon of the unknown

Scalla lord of death come forth
With the reaper by your side
For tonight the moon is full
Come to us for your sacrifice

At the crest of every full moon
A human female shall surely die
For Scalla will be brought into this world
Brought forth for his sacrifice

Tied to an alter in the ring of fire
The sacrifice is laid to rest
When Scalla comes forth and takes the girl
Everyone’s fear is put to the test

by Aaron(AarionLee) Morris

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nice. Hecate will be sure to meet u in the darkest hr soon for in return ur servatude.... xoxoxxxx Black Rose