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Poem By Leila Ired

Let's find who to blame:
Ulrica scorned by Cedric,
Pandora and her thrice-cursed box.

And what of cruel Helen,
fathered by Zeus,
wedded by Menelaus,
bought and sold without end
an angel on an auction block?

One weak leap for freedom,
and she brought down Troy's walls-
though was that not already decided
with a man's apple for the gods?

Do you see, then, I ask you,
the pattern emerging?
Why not blame mankind, society-
why not scapegoat God?

Or don't tell a woman:
be foolish but clever
use seduction and yet virtue
act frail but be strong

And remember when reading
that man's own hypocrisy
has covered his own sins
with his daughters' and wives'.

For we speak little of serpents,
but often of sinners;
little of Adam
but often of Eve.

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another great poem thank you for sharing.I have thoughts like that also.