JD ( / Utica)


Not too long ago i found people like to use
You let them in they'll take you down
and simply walk away
The scars we get come in different ways
My just come from people
Like you im sure you know exactly what i mean
How many times did i have to believe in something not there?
How many times did you fall in love but see it turned to hate?
I was younger and thought something was there
How stupid could i be?
She left me alone in the dark
No goodbye or reason said
So i guess I'll never know
I'll always think it was me
The many imperfections that i always see
But that happened for a reason
This dumb mistake by me
I gained a scar and now i know
It all turned better out for me

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This is an experience so many people relate to, and yet, not many have the bravery to even state the experience, let alone let their statement open for criticism. I applaud your bravery in this effort.