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OE (25th November,1976 / Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.)


Poem By Okeke Emmanuel

Though conspicuous
It says it all to all around
But reminds one of a day so eventful
In the life it lays bare on

It's so unsightly
Yet still reminds one of an unforgetable day
A day that changed everything
From sightly to an unsightful glare

Its a dark spot on a life so bright
Its a grey end on a dark tunnel
Its so bleak in a world of its own
It says it all in one word; sorrow

Its accidentally inflicted
Yet it occupies so great a space
In ones memory and life
As one reflects so back a date

Though greatly unwelcomed
Yet, it finally crept in again
Far off from its last victim
Just goes on its streak quietly

It may be compared to a dark age
Or most probably a dark horse
It says it all, a dark day in ones life
Its a scar you see

So grave and so mean
So brave and so ruthless
But think, its a reminder of a day lost afar

It stays for a life time
But only tarnished by its guilt
Its stuck on you for real
Its a scar; just a scar

Its a friend least welcomed
Its a foe most feared
Its a dreadful deed for life
It stays put for a life time

Don't cry for a day so eventful
Its a dark spot on ones life
Its a reminder and an experience
It says it all; scar

It tears the fortune hard won
It reduces all to nothing
It drives one crazy and real mad
It stays put; its just a scar

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