Scarecrows Of Light

Upon the endless spine of the motorway
arms streched out, defiant
they challenge the black of night.

Those that burn
merge into a passing blur
Yet those that flicker through fault
attract the tired eye.

No city here to illuminate
outcasts you stand in the
concrete river of Roman invention.

Scarecrows of light
are you as lonely as I?
swaying in the violent winds
of the unforgiving Northern sky.

As the clouds are cut
and as they begin to bleed
You become a hundred mile
bright blur, lost in the haze of speed.

One becomes many
yet many cannot become one.
I see myself in all of you
trapped in your insect plastic coffin.

Scarecrows of light
Soldiers of the night
Together, unnoticed we fade
into the speeding night.

by Not Long Left

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