We'Re All Mad Here

I've created a wonderland
An entirely new rapture
I'm recreating past metaphors
To permanent words
To capture
To capture an audience
To see something you've never seen
Step into my Wonderland
See all you can be
Step inside
Look left
Look right
"This is the place, where dreams come alive"
You'd think I was Willy Wonka
I'm Charlie's kin
I'm creating a new style
Something that's never been
Some say I can't
I say "I can"
They say "Prove it"
I say "Look again"
I'm levitating in movements
This is unheard of
"How is he doing it? "
Because I stayed in my Wonderland
It's my time to prove it

by Riley Houser

Comments (3)

a beauty...loved it...clear loud pictures...nalini
Vincent, some excellent lines in this poem. You captured the journey and the moment well. Regards, Ian
'Endless spine', 'clouds are cut', 'the sky begins to bleed': cracking lines, Vincey. A short but well-imaged piece of writing. So how was the merry-making? Love, Gina.