** Scarecrows!


They told me that scarecrows do not scare
birds or crows any more!
Nor those statutes of world dictators, -
Their heads remain adorned with bird
droppings galore!
Doomed pigeons shuttle back and forth, -
in our polluted skies!
The air is full of dust or smog and gunpowder!
Birds have stopped coming to our Metros;
Only scavenger birds are seen circling outdoors!
It has become difficult for humans to embrace, -
Since our outstretched palms have become
clenched fists instead!
We can now pretend to be like scarecrows, -
With our arms stretched sideways, - as life
-Raj Nandy
New Delhi
27 Mar 09


Comments (4)

Truth is beauty...you've said it in a beautiful poem...thank you
very powerful indictment of modernization, how well you built the theme RAJ. It reminds me of my vacation in December. on the way we saw crows and hens. i actually took pictures. just shows how we have lost touch with nature, living in these urban jungles.10+ Mamta
full of angst.......very powerful work sir.....10
A scathing work on modern society. Yes Sir, only scavenger birds can fly over metros, How well you said that the skies are filled with'gunpowder'! ! ! ! A memorable poem.