KP (3rd of september / Lister Hospital)


Watch the blood spurs as you die
The fearless immunity which surrounds my skin
Maybe thats what you feel inside
Your scared
And i know it
Your eyes shine bright with fear
You don't know what to to
Do you feel like running?
Only you can decide your fate
It's getting colder
You see my breathing show puffs of clouds into the coldness around us
But there's something about me that you don't know
I posses more power than the marvel universe
You understand it now but you look startled at first
It's like double fantasy, crime and punishment
Or like a evil evening drinking blood by the gallon
To you it's hideous but to me its gorgeous
The fascination of my imagination consumes me
I dismantle my fears and handle them with chaos and mayhem
You can try and attack me
But I'll work you from every angle and electrify
Your eyes are growing wider
Your pupils are smaller
This ain't no bad dream
You are going to die
You get colder
Your breathing gets heavier
Your body starts to shiver
Oh no this ain't no nightmare
It's just getting more real!

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