Poem Hunter
MD (9 April 1974 / Cape Town)


I am scared
Scared of falling too hard
Scared of falling too fast
Scared of not falling at all

When you're not around I think about you
But I feel I can control the emotions
They are not running away with me
I am in charge, in control

But then I see you or hear your voice
And I seem to lose all my control
I become a pupper and you can pull my strings
This I hide from everyone, even you
But in my heart I know it's true

Do you know that you make my heart crumble
I have no power over how I feel when you're around
It takes all my strength not to tell you how I feel
And I want to so badly

I want to see you, but at the same time I don't
If I don't see you, I can pretend these feelings don't exist

When you are near and you look into my eyes
I can feel myself drowning
Falling deeper and deeper
As if I have forgotten how to swim to the surface

When you are not around I can pretend these emotions don't exist
I can pretend we are just friends and it feel good
But when I see you, I feel so much more
I want so much more

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you may be scared in love, but love in scare you may not have my friend. Go express it! good write. I enjoy it.