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The terror never leaves his side
The pain too much to bear
His daddy always beats him hard
But never really cares

The boy hides in the corner
Scared of the hurt and pain
But his daddy always finds him
Much more pain he’ll gain

When his daddy sadly finds him
He beats him really hard
He covers his mouth when he screams
As if to hide a card

He’s too young for a beating
Only about six years old
He always feels like
A penny left in the cold

When his daddy stops the beatings
He slowly walks away
The boy just lays defenseless
With nothing he could say

He slowly loses consciousness
As the cries and pains subside
An angel comes and greets him
He leaves without a goodbye

When he gets to the gates of heaven
His eyes are big and wide
The angel smiles at him
His happiness he could not hide

He goes and meets the children
With lives a lot like his
He’s very happy up in heaven
The pain he will not miss

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