This tears are not the same little tears
They are of the unknown
When we quarrel I feel the fear more
Because my security is threatened
And the children we will bear have no idea
That growing up is a full time job.

I am not crying because of what you said,
But, because my tears fall on the soil of your house,
They’re no longer for daddy or mummy
They are because, is you?
Could it be that I am really growing up?
Why do I have to be so responsible?
I am still this baby, who needs direction.
In time and I will be the baby who’s going away………
How can a child have a child?
Maybe we are all children
Who’s our mum, who’s your dad?

Will I succeed? This is my unending question
What am I trying to portray
Is this life for me?
I don’t feel like stopping now
But how can I go on?

Time heals all things
Now I know, now I see
Who am I to believe in?
Can love sweep me off my feet?
What am I holding on to, all my fears?
My tears run more and I cannot see clearly
I need your hand to hold my through today
And maybe the day after too! .

I am amazed at growing up, the whole idea……….
Really does not appeal to me
I don’t want to grow up
I am very fine where I am
And I’ll tell you any day.
There is no fun in growing up.
its only scary!

Di. Eluka
Feb 05

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Great Poem, ndeluka, but it's not that bad! Think of all those excited consentual adult things you can do together too! Commitment is definitely a sign of those growing pain though. 10 from encouraging Tai, still growing up too.