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Scared Of..................

Did I tell you about...?
Well, it was one of those fine days —

I was sitting in a bar
drinking local beer and waiting for you

to enter that pyramid-shaped room.
You were so late I grew frustrated

but kept my eyes glued to the door.
At last I could not wait any more,

then I saw
an unexpected face of horror

that filled me with terror. I went to pay
the waiter’s bill — the face of horror made its way

to a seat much nearer
and all the people there

knew something had come
to be with me.

They laughed as I made for the door,
then I slipped on a step and fell down the stairs

where I lay for a while

when I came to, I found that my tooth...
Oh damn, what a day!

And all this on account
of an old man with a hare! !

No wonder I’m scared of hares.

by LeiLa LighT

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Very atmospheric like some surreal nightmare. Great imagination.