Scarlet And Crimson

To face my scarlet fears,
to feel this scarlet pain,
To bleed my crimson tears,
to break this crimson chain,

My scarlet desire,
Raging and burning,
Like a crimson fire,

My scarlet heart,
Beats with love,
To overcome your crimson rampart,
flying over it like a crimson dove,

My scarlet pain,
crushing my scarlet emotions,
Pouring on me like crimson rain,
because of my crimson devotions,

My scarlet passion,
like a brilliant scarlet rose,
My crimson lust has chosen,
Crimson feelings I'll never disclose,

A scarlet question,
To you my scarlet love,
Answer my crimson fortune,
be my crimson dove,

Would you except my scarlet flaws?
Love me with all my scarlet fears?
Hold me through my crimson emotions uncaused?
Would you dry.. my scarlet and crimson tears?

by Jhanus Thanatos

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