Scarlet Angel

How hard is life to live?
One need only eat, sleep, and breathe.
If that is so then why is love so hard?
Emotions that are so unnecessary to survive make it impossible to live.
Would that I could tear my heart out of my chest and cast it far.
End these feelings that slowly crush my soul.
But still I live for her, and I would die for her!
She is the day, I am the night.
She is light and I the darkness.
She is life and I death.
So different in so many ways and yet,
So similar in the ways that are truly important.
I love her in ways I can’t begin to describe.
She is everything to me and I would do anything for her –
The woman who is everything in the world to me.
Yet I remain simply a distant friend to her!

Love is the most painful thing I have ever been forced to endure.
Life is an unbearable burden that pulls me down.
My love for her slowly suffocates me,
Drowns me in pain and torment!
I would give everything for just one moment of happiness with her.
Even as beautiful as she is, it’s not her body I want.
Her heart mind and soul are what I crave!
I exist to love her.
The only purpose of my life is my love for her.
Yet if she doesn’t love me,
Does that not make my life pointless?
Is an empty continuance a noble sacrifice or a fool’s errand?

As I sit here and ponder the emptiness of my life
I am suddenly struck by the futility of it all.
I love her so much yet she feels nothing for me!
I would give everything for just one moment of happiness with her.
Not when she’s drunk,
Not when she’s vulnerable,
But when she actually chooses to open up to me.
She keeps me at a distance unwilling to let me in.
Obviously I am nothing

(Written as an essay originaly)

by Brennan Scotland

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your sadness can be felt from your words