EK (6/15/1985 / dayton, oh)


My scars you cannot see,
They lay only inside.
My scars hold the key,
In what makes my pain divide.

They devour my soul,
But I take them in stride.
My soul blacker than coal,
It’s what fuels my pride.

My scars they are permanent,
So I bleed from the inside.
But my blood is not permanent,
Ill loses it but ill take yours to abide.

My scars won’t heal,
And I will continue to bleed.
My blood you can’t steal,
And off my heart you can’t feed.

I feed off the weak,
Which, I let you think of me.
I let you reach your peak,
But I hold your minds key.

It is I, who knows what’s real,
It’s our scars that make us strong.
It’s the pain you must feel,
So your life can move along.

Do not try and dull the pain,
It must be accepted.
For then the strength you will gain,
And your weakness will be rejected.

by Eric Karns

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