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Scars Of Memory

Moments of regret and scars of memory,
Fraught thought and taunt misery.
A tangled web of countless scenes,
Battering silence with endless dreams.
Who indulged every passive second,
Pleasing every desire that beckoned?
Time sweeps in its perpetual flow,
Writing history to all we know.
Provoking pain on a far gone feeling,
Creating sorrow that prolongs healing.
Flashbacks bursting in the air,
Painting scenes of despair.
Cries of forgotten laughter,
Only seem to trodden after.
Watching life stain the mind,
Through a portal lost in space and stuck in time.
Never regretting the pain and misery,
Reminded by these treasured scars of memory.
To have loved and adored you more,
Now amazed by two when once bored with four.

by Carlton Bryant

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For my uncles gone and present..