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Scars Of My Past (Written In 2008)

I will continue the journey through life,
For as long as life places one in front of me.
I will leave my faith with a higher power,
In the hopes that on the final day, I will finally fly free.

I pray that you always keep searching,
Ignoring the opposing words you’re told.
Pursue the hidden door to my soul,
Until you find the deepest layer that I hold.

I pray that you find a way to reveal my mistakes.
My deepest desire, to show you what I’m truly about.
Expose every secret that I have,
Until my regrets inevitably bleed out.

I pray that you never give up,
Until you’ve set free the words that I haven’t been able to say.
Shatter every obstacle in the path,
Never let the voice of time get in the way.

I pray someday you’ll come across it,
With an outpouring of pain from my heart.
Fight through the mess that I’ve made of myself,
And remind me who I used to be in the start.

I pray that you secure the key,
That can release from me the infinite hate.
Teach me how to forgive myself,
Help me to lift away this unbearable weight.

I pray that my final guard will cease,
And when I look into your eyes, I will be whole.
Through you I will find my true self,
And you will hold my heart, my soul.

I pray that when I give all of me to you,
You will finally understand, you will feel what I feel.
My past can fade away for good,
And the breaks so deep in me will heal.

But even after I’m visible to you,
And I release every single regret,
Underneath will be the scars,
That are there to never let me forget.

As I journey through this life,
I will live, I will learn along the way.
You may be the one to set me free,
But the scars of my past will forever stay.

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