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Scattered Echoes
AK Amy Kerswell (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)

Scattered Echoes

To my wonderfull family.
I so very sorry.
Yes I finaly done it.
I took my own life.
But my life was taken long ago.

I heard scattered echoes in the wind.
They told me to go back home.
I listened to the scattered echoes of the wind.
Becuase I'd had enough of pointless pain.

Yes you'll be angry.
I know you'll be sad.
I guess you'll grieve for a while
But soon you will see this was meant to be.
Things have worked out for the best.

In the scattered echoes of the wind.
If you listen carefully you'll hear my cries.
My cries to you on earth below.
I'm sorry

My echoes in the scattered wind are crying to you.
I'm sorry really I am.
Go get on with your life.
Live for each other.
Live your dream.

The scattered echoes of the wind shout out to you.
Now the time has come let her go.
Move on with your life.
She wouldnt want you to live this way

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So deep and touching this write is. Will stir someone's heart. Nice.