Poem By Nancy L Cohen

Sitting here in a car, riding down this long road.
I lay my head against the seat.
I close my eyes for a moment.
Then I look out the window.
The sun is in my face and I can feel its warmth.
I lazily smile.
I see the beauty that is all around.
Autumn is in full bloom.
The spectrum of colors is amazing.
The trees go for miles and miles.
Peace has over taken me.
I turn and look at my love.
Our eyes meet and I smile again.
I slowly turn and look back out the window.
My heart is so full of joy as I watch the scenery go by.

Comments about Scenery

Life is to live and enjoy. God gives us abundant opportunity to be happy and gay. One must learn to live this way.

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Sometimes we go through life never receiving the answers that we feel we require.
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