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Scent Of A Sweetheart

We sit under the moonlit sky
The moon is bright n beautiful
But your face’s beauty n grace
The moon cant match

You smile
I look into your eyes
I now hold your hand
But it slips away
Like slipping of a sand
You fade into darkness
I look for you
Your scent calls me
This scent of a sweetheart

I find you, I look into your eyes
You smile
Your playful eyes
They tease me
I now want to hold you
Want to make you mine
You elude into darkness
Your scent calls me again
The scent of my sweetheart

Your smile
So mischievous
It kills me
I want to tell you something
But how do I?

I come close to you
Now, may I ask you the words very few
Will you be mine, till the stars shine?
Today and forever will you be mine?

You escape into the darkness once again
Your scent locked in my mind
The scent of my mysterious sweetheart.

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