(3/12/1968 / Manhattan, KS)


lightly softly
touch inspire

open silent
moist admire

pushing pulling
hold require

urgent pressing
gasp perspire

cheeks, lips
(thinking slips)
wrists, hips,
(heart skips)
finger tips
(loving quips)
saliva drips
(time, slips...

by John Kipling Lewis

Comments (6)

Your use of images in here is remarkable leading the reader to feel grapically what you have written from the scent to the liquid to the sound....excellent.! ! ! ! Marci.M.
This is fun poem. I like it.
1. Every cliche in the book. (I particularly (dis) like 'heart skips'. What does it even mean?) Generic, trite, and just bad. As an added plus: forced rhyme!
Something about this reminds me of an eecummings poem, but I don't remember which one. Something about the way the words swing. Something about how I can feel the words before I can think them. nice.
You use of a very few words to describe a situation is amazing.
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