HP (08-07-1975 / Kansas)


every time i dream of chocolate -covered delight
i smell and taste all the flavors in the middle of the night
caramel, vanilla, raspberries and cream
all the flavors of you are what i dream...
they say the sense of smell is the closest link to our memories...
i smell the sweet scent of cocoa butter in the morning. the different flavors of present and past. i feel the warmth as the lotion drips away. i taste your flavor throughout the day. my tongue does not forget. my nose remembers the fragrance of your dreams. i relish in the bliss of your taste. i know you. not lost in the numbers. you are one flavor i will never forget. rosewater and honeydew all thru the night. i can't remember your name. yet, your scent lingers in my heart. i still know the touch and texture of lemon and lime. the fragrance washing over me. i still recall the petals of daffodils lightly being breathed into my soul. strawberry lips dipped in sugar. i feel the force of your aroma. i know your soul. your name i might forget. yet, i remember you.
cinnamon touches... peppermint licks... cherry filled passion... licorice hips...
many years go by and i recall your love
i taste you on my lips
fresh dew on the morning lawn. the moist, supple textured grapes that ferment my wine. the rum flavored strokes with the hazlenut gropes. the sweat of your body is all i need. the flavor for which my soul to feed. candy- covered apples, lightly wrapped in mist. sour candies of you are all that i miss. honeycombed, lavender with the sultry flow of silk. dipped in a milky-white glow. i can never forget the flavor that you lovingly sow...
I remember you and not your name
yet, your flavor reminds me all the same...

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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