Scents Of Red Wine

Poem By Johnny Lennox

The smell of her ceases to end
For my bed sheets lay dormant
Enwrapped by her scent

But now I lay on top of these sheets
Her lips, hips, cheeks
And fingertips
Exist only as an internal
Flux of motion
Ensnaring my emotion

My lonesome desires
Arise In nocturnal silences
Of post midnight
Streams of thought
To be with her
With dedicating eyes
And to forget the disease
Of death we had caught

I wanted to confide
And consume
The red wine
We did that night
On a green Bridge
Under the desolate moon
And as the river sifted by
Looking black and cold
I screamed in fury
We are young!
Not old!

But this elation
Soon simmered down
And drowned in the river below

But I think now
About how warm we were
In my bed that night
How our hearts
Were a meter apart
Sunken into hollow chests
And how you sensed
My shudders like
Tectonic plates
Caressing one another
With great haste

When light
Dashed in through the
Wooden shutters
Revealing a morning blue
It pained me
To know that this escapade
Was over between me and you
For I have come to learn
That time is short
And these moments rare
So rare one can never be sure
To know
When we will be met again
With loves haunting stare

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