I sat by the river on a clear day
felt the cool water play with my feet
that's when I met rocky
oval shaped, so smooth
tumbling down the river bed
I put you besides me to dry in the sun

and you said to me
once i was part of huge mountain up high
plenty of air, plenty of sun, true bliss
but now I roll down this watery hell
cold, corroded never to rest
what remains of me is to be silt
scattered below in this darkness.

and rocky I made you a promise
I gave you a home on my window sill
plenty of air, plenty of sun
great angle to my tv, somewhere to spend your days
lets be housemates to the end.

rocky you made me a promise too
you'll stick with me on this journey
as I climb to my mountain top
and when time shall come for me to go
you'll keep me company under the cold dark earth
house mates to the very end.

by John kago

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