Scholars Of Knowledge

When would it be a good time,
For someone to make a decision...
That affects their life?
And every sign they had been given,
Had been ignored?

And they preferred to stay sitting,
In an approval of their ongoing ignorance?
As they have chosen?

Don't get me wrong...
That's a good question.
I would say that person should wait,
To face the consequences.

'But wouldn't that be too late? '

Not really.
If one plays with bees,
Guess who gets taught...
By a stinging to them that comes?

And guess who is seen running away,
With a wish not to experience the pain.
To have on their priority list?

'I would think it would be the one pro-active.'

And that's a dilemma many of us face,
When trying to prove we have all the answers.
And yet,
Many of our most memorable experiences come...
When we have chosen to be at our dummest.
Making many appear to be scholars of knowledge.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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