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Social Smugglers

The farmers, tillers and the farm-workers in India
must worship Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd, the social scientist
with folded hands, for the probe he launched from Gupta's rule
on the exploitation of the productive castes.
Arise the youths of the agrarian communities
to break the hands of the business and the priestly classes
who dared to burn the effigies of the scientist and urinate
on his photograph! He is under house arrest in Andhra,
and his life is under threat from the political robbers.

Remember that Andhra is the State where the farmers
committed suicide in large numbers for being defaulters
of loans borrowed from the banks, when the monsoons failed
and the governments turned away their looks.
The scientist found the shocking truth! The farm produce
of the farming class crawled into the gripping hands
of the business class by their rights enshrined in the Manu's books.
For a lower price they bought and for a higher price they sold.
The business, priestly and the smithy classes robbed the wealth
of the workers who fret and sweat in the sun, and filled their coffers.
To strengthen the hands of these social smugglers,
the RSS sponsored government works in stealth
for their aggrandizement from agriculture to IT markets.

You waged a relentless war to carve out Telengana!
The time has come to fight the cheats of this nation.
Agitate against the atrocities of the social smugglers
and set free the lion shut within the four walls.
The wonder is, all these cankers of the working class
wear the so called ‘sacred thread' across their torso.

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