MSF (11.6.94 / Somewhere over the rainbow!)


School can be can be boring
school can bring can bring enemies
school can bring can bring Jake porter
school can bring rules...but u can break them
school brings brings friends
school bring brings cheating
school brings beaver(mason)
school brings bonsai(Andy)
school brings little people(Kirilee)
school brings tree (harley)
School Brings Miss Smiley or little poeple(Me! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !)

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ur too young for this site
A peculiar style of poem and likes.
unique style of writing
luv it, i used this poem (of course i changed a little) in my handbk thks! !
this is a very nice poem! especially this line 'school can bring little people' cause im a small person too..keep it up!
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