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Poem By carrie nnn

when i was four i started nursery,
thats when i met poppy.
the teachers were nice
and we had fun,
we got to play in the sand pit,
and ride tricycles,
i miss nursery.

i went to reception,
the work got harder,
we learnt to count higher,
we learnt to write,
we didn't get to play as much.

then it was year one,
i couldn't count past twelve.
i had to play on the playground,
with the year two's.
it was scary.

soon i became one of the year two's,
one of the oldest in the school.
doing our sat's.
the work was hard.
my last year of golden time.

then i went to junior school,
year three.
the work was really easy.
we were the youngest in the school.
i had to make new friends.

then september came again,
year four,
my sixth year of school.
mrs Gardner,
when the class was good
she gave us sweets.

miss Andrews was next,
the new year five teacher.
we had to practise sat's for year six,
hard work.

we then went to year six,
it was so confusing,
we had three different teachers,
miss Ghia, mrs Gorman, mrs Jeffrey.
soon that year the week of our sats began,
i did well,
a few fives and fours.

senoir school,
year seven,
too many teachers,
too much homework,
too early.

next stop....year eight.

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Dear Carrie, Hi! I think you write very well. I can really understnad that this poem has come straight from your heart, no fakeness. Well done.Love...................Risha