School Days

The little children in the country school were reciting the Lord's prayer.
When the sound of the air-raid siren made them dive beneath their chair.
The teacher tried her best not to show her alarm.
A daylight bombing raid she prayed no one would come to harm.

One small little girl sat frozen and did silently cry.
Oh sweet Jesus please watch over my mom and sister I do not want them to die.
I could hear the planes flying low over head.
And I squeezed my hands tightly together I prayed no one in the village would be dead.

When I got off the bus after school I ran to my house to see.
All the ceilings and walls were shattered, but mom and sis were fine and I was so happy.
That night the siren rang out three more times in a row
And mom wrapped us in blankets and to the shelter we did go.

I think a lot about the horrors I saw it seems these days.
And I'm amazed at what a strong, gutsy little girl I was in so many ways.
I'm glad that my children didn't have to experience the horrors of war.
But for me it made me strong, but I wish it would never happen to anyone ever anymore.

by Jean Woodlee

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