School Days

I used to dream about space,
Flying to the moon in a hundred ways,
Catching up with shooting stars
Wishing my parents were from the Mars.
I used to spend an hour on the pot
My mom outside, used to scold a lot.
Brushing could cause even more delay
And I'd miss the school bus every day.

I'd come to school with a sleepy face
I'd smile at you because you'd reserve a place.
You loved how I used to get late for school
I'd sleep in class and you would wipe my drool.
We used to giggle all the time without a sound,
Fake a cough if teacher was around.
We used to share our memories,
My sandwich and your strawberries.
We used to map the park after the class,
Lay somewhere on its yellow grass.
I loved the songs you used to sing for me
And I'd make you laugh with an old story.

I knew you were someone with whom
I'd never have to pretend.
And I'd also knew that
We were more than just friends.

After school, at the evening hours
Your mom would come in car.
We knew now it's time to say goodbye
We used to hate how quickly time flies.
All over again, in the morning hours
I used to sit on pot, counting stars.
Get late, yet again, for school,
Pretend to sleep as you'd wipe my drool.

by Ketan Hukare

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Ketan, such a brilliant poem...10+++