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God is only one as Jewish knows Him.
He takes no body, as free from matter.
To Him alone Jewish must go and pray.
Moses is their undisputed prophet.
Torah- the Hebrew Bible is their scripture.
God rewards and punishes the people.
Believe in Messiah, who may tarry
And there will be revival of the dead.

Judaism is three thousand years old,
Spread in the Middle East during the Bronze Age
And has now fourteen million adherents,
With a half of them confining to Israel
Judaism is an Abrahamic Religion,
From which descended Christianity,
Islam and the recent Baha'is Faith.
They spoke Hebrew, one of the most ancient.

God is in direct contact with mankind.
To follow the tradition of Judaism
Rather than to believe in God is the need.
Exodus of Egypt is the scar they bear.
Is God immanent or transcendent?
Are lives predetermined or with free will?
No answer; beaten by the challenges,
Jews have grown to the most viable tribe.

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This poem is really really amazing Sylvia Chidi is really talented.