School Just School

School we need it
school, friends
school you have teachers
school is great

by kerri king Click to read full poem

Comments (17)

This will reminded about school
Lord i lift your name on high
it's a HYMN on SCHOOL! great and wise expression
So...... Nice poem I love it very much
Horrible poem
Bad poem
This poem is very intresting
beutiful and really incouraging
Bull Sh1t stop saying bad words
I love this poem and there are some spelling mistakes
klkl i like it and i know nt lots of peeps like school i mean you get to hang with your m8 ...................
to many spelling mistakes
I like it it is a very nice poem
Learn how to spell and the poem is horrible
This is a good poem because you can learn something about it.
I can see that you love school that's great because today you need as much education as you can get, set your sights high and go for it, good luck Kerri Osceola.