The Bells

Today the circus poster
is scabbing off the concrete wall
and the children have forgotten
if they knew at all.
Father, do you remember?
Only the sound remains,
the distant thump of the good elephants,
the voice of the ancient lions
and how the bells
trembled for the flying man.
I, laughing,
lifted to your high shoulder
or small at the rough legs of strangers,
was not afraid.
You held my hand
and were instant to explain
the three rings of danger.

Oh see the naughty clown
and the wild parade
while love love
love grew rings around me.
this was the sound where it began;
our breath pounding up to see
the flying man breast out
across the boarded sky
and climb the air.
I remember the color of music
and how forever
all the trembling bells of you
were mine.

by Anne Sexton

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There could be more lines
I thought that only in India there are complaints about the food served to children in Govt.schools.Now I find that it is also a problem in other countries.School authorities and State administration should take note that healthy food is served to children who are in their growing stages.Moreover Parents should also take note that they should not pamper their children too much as pampered children find it hard to adjust outside their home environment.
This is a good pitch for home cooked good healthy simple food...well written
If it is real, there can't be anything worse. Great poem.
the most poetical comlaint in the canteen!