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School School School

School School School

Poem By somebody u will never know

Every school has a name but
school is so lame
school what can I say
school im there like every day
school is like a prison, you can nver escape
school is like having a detencion every day
school you tell us to do schoolwork and at home we have to do homework: (

school, school, school
work, work, work
study, study, study
test, test, test it all goes trough my mind
what else should i do
might the principle think; .
My school
My rules
My way or the hard way

This is what i think
Victor Arambula

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The spelling may be deliberate. In my opinion, it adds something to the meaning.
Fuck you
you cant spell you need to spell check before you post the poem
This is sad and worrying, nonetheless still holds true for so many in so many schools in my opinion. I was always fearful at school and every day was a battle just to survive, not the lessons, I slept through those, but my peers. I did much better when I left school and went back into college. The teachers I had during my time at school completely ignored me and I was easy to ignore as I was quiet and well behaved but really needed some guidance with my subjects. I dare say, with larger schools, that this has got worse? Of course I can't be sure. In an ideal world school should be somewhere you feel safe, secure and want to be. Sadly, for many, it's not at all. One thing I will say is that 'knowledge is power' so if you are at school, then pull out all the stops to gain that as it will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life and you'll never regret it. Feed off their brains as if you are stealing their very souls, that's the real way to empowerment. I only learnt that after I left school.
I agree on that 100%