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School Zone Alert

The long wait is over
classes will start again, however
meeting new friends
seeing old pals

exchanging the hi and hello
nodding from head to toe
telling their new stories
forgetting about their own worries

excitement is on the air
as if we just dont care
it involves a lot of picture taking here
most of all discussing new topics are there

read new books - we are hooked
see new professors - yes! its another source
hear new issues - that's what we miss
taste new adventures - again a desperate measure

a new load of eyebugs and sleepless nights
only hardwork can make our future bright
here's another semester again guys
be sure to choose the right then be wise

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but seems that i haven't gotten over with the so-called vacation kid.. hehe
excitement is on the air as if we just dont care....asobeautiful thought..... good piece of writing.. read mine, child, funny one, kids and hel laid eggs. speciall y meant for childeren