My Thoughts And Her Pretty Ideas (Two Lovers)

Pretty thoughts like Hers Shape my ideas and Make them better In life Because life is lifeless And absurd without pretty Thoughts or wonderful ideas, So in my life I charge myself and I recharge myself from her pretty Thoughts and her pretty ideas Without any fear or being scared And I know that all her thoughts And ideas are brilliant to pave A map road to our pretty and True love anytime, anywhere, and Everywhere on our pretty earth.


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Intriguing mystery here. Wilfred Owen wrote brutally frank poems about World War 1. This schoolteacher taught about war like she was the goddess of war, relishing the heroism of the battlefield. If she had seen Owen outside her window, she would not have nodded her head at him or in any way recognized him though he was a soldier. Owen was well aware that his view was not a popular one with the mindset of certain people. The man was unflinching to have written this.
Here familia relationships ran hard aground on jagged, pointed Rock's.. iip
Reminded me my school days..Thanks for sharing. interesting poem with amazing imagery written during a time of war ★
Her lofty seat! Thanks for sharing.
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