(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Science And Art; Man And God

With time, the Man of Science
When he has eminence,
Obeys his conscience,
Knowing God’s omnipotence.

As he becomes quite old,
The Science that ruled his world
Has transformed into Art!
When time ’tis to depart.

His past is now a dream;
The years like weeks now seem;
Within himself, he smiles,
For having lapped Life’s miles!

When old-age sets no doubt,
If he had won his bout,
His sense of achievement,
Goads him to betterment.

And now, he has the time,
And in his mind the clime,
In Science, now Art so keen,
To seek the God unseen!

The Science he had nurtured,
Looks so much now fractured;
Perhaps, like modern-sex,
It has become complex!

And now in his old-age,
He feels no doubt a sage;
Within his old heart’s page,
Has battle’s much to wage.

The Modern Science, he knows,
Has been perhaps in those
Seers centuries ago
Who had lesser ego!

Vexed, he furthers his Art,
To which he gives his heart!
And sees the God he sought,
All through his life so oft!

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The depth of the springs of salvation well up and linger in a soul which has beaten the odds and claimed his claim on the surface of the earth only to be swept in the eternal embrace.