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Science At A Glance

Poem By George Murdock

He sat on a bench in his wrinkled suit
And stared for a while into the night
seeing for the first time
and embracing the theory of everything
He walked along the weather beaten sidewalk
Knowing somewhere beneath
Were pipes and tubes which fed homes
And trees with equal efficiency
He saw the oneness of it all
And the isolation of each
He saw the mercury vapor
Boiling in its glass pot
And spewing the yellow sheen
Urine colored and voiding light
Which was the light of modern living
He knew the principles and the reasons for each article
For plumbite and graphite for halide and aldehyde
Nothing escaped the fusion of invention and inspection
He heard the sounds and knew why
Sound traveled with his steps
Why sirens dwindled into distance
And pitched as they rushed toward him
There was one thing
Foreign and lost
Which now occupied his thoughts
Disconnected from oneness and enlightenment
His car, where had he parked his car?

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This is marvelously succinct irony, undilute. If there be a chemical formula for irony, you just discovered it with this one. It also makes me miss Einstein, though I never got to know him in the flesh. Magic writing time machine strikes again.