Science: Entanglements

According to quantum physics, particle
photons split in cyclotrons react
instantaneously to stimuli received by
only one of them – scientists coined a
term ‘entanglement’ to explain psychic
events and ESP through invisible links,
in responding to the same stimuli in
space-and-time transcendence – we
ourselves are a mass of entanglements;
part of a greater entity in which this
is being reflected, attached within a
continuum; we are part of a unified
field interconnected with ALL living
things, our thoughts creating reality
being influenced by the thoughts of all
others; yet we all choose only a few
with whom we wish to interact; as I
look at you and see your hope and
trust, your vision and dreams of love
and lust; the question frames itself
in my eyes: Will you become entangled
with me; both remaining free as a
separate entity - because we need to
dream differently, enriching each
other while recreating history?

by Margaret Alice

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