Since when a child, they toiled so hard,
In umptine fields, really starred;
Their lives passed off through night and day’
Hoping success in morrow’s way.
They spent their hours, days, weeks and years,
Struggled, becoming almost seers!
Musing sometimes in fantasy,
Alone in labs of secrecy;
Nation knew not their enterprise;
Their life was one great sacrifice;
They cared not for any glory;
For most, it was a sad story!
Working hard was their only aim,
Until their brains quite old became;
For years, their eyes ad missed the Sun!
Their kith and kin and all the fun;
Their rods and cones, sullen became,
Reading all life, though missing fame;
Unmindful of the raging wars,
The Wind and Rain, the Moon and Stars;
They slogged for more than money’s worth;
Their Nation’s need, their only oath!
Struggling to solve problems many,
Their work was Life and not funny;
While the world slept, awake they kept,
In sorrows, joys, they never wept;
They were their Nation’s real gems!
That grew like flowers atop stems;
The Sun never set in their lives;
Heroes yet, were treated like flies!
Uncaring for any returns;
Their fuels spent, were ashed in urns;
The Nation paid homage to some,
With Awards posthumous, handsome;
The rest remained like Stars unseen,
Perhaps, heaven will give them sheen!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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