That Angel Called 'It'

Wait too long, you'll miss your cue.
Do not wait, you'll miss her too.
Wait for what? That perfect time?
Or wait to shut, and curtail thine.

In the darkness, can't hurt, can't see.
Love is just an invisibility.
In the light, you just will blind,
Deceived by tricks of your own mind.

Try to run, the lust will follow,
not just today, but tonight, and tomorrow.
Remember the pain? The knife embraced?
You felt you had become such waste.

Not to worry, not to quiver.
Soon a short story, then a long shiver.
Double the mind, the thought, the hate.
No one came to mitigate.

But then you waited, and found yourself dazed.
Because It came and saved your days.
The knife remained silent, just like your thoughts.
No more knife, or the end of days which it sought.

by Tyler Burke

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