Scoring The Most 'Browny Points'

'What on Earth,
Are they doing over there? '

Making attempts to discourage the messenger,
From delivering the message.

We have the same assignment.
We all are doing the same thing.
Have you been discouraged? '

Not at all.
In fact...
I have experienced just the opposite.
Have you been discouraged?

Why do you think,
They have selected him...
To be the one discouraged? '

I don't think they realize,
He is loving every moment of it.
Who amongst us,
Is scoring the most 'browny points'?
Do you remember what we were told?

'Yes, I do.
The more difficult the delivery,
The brighter one's star shines.'

You know what?
I hadn't thought about that.
He thinks he's the slick one, huh?
Let's go lay under the Sun.

'To do what? '

Do I need to get more specific?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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