“the Receptionist”

There is this certain type of person that is meant to meet and greet,
Clients on the phone and in actual must admit.
The employee who has not bad about somebody,
Enjoys a bit of chatting, pleasing, she is comforting…

The person who can answer the phone with a smile on her hone…
Interested in every way, her listening skills is one of the keys.
This is the kind that voicemails cannot refute.
Genuinely cheerful, offices must not dispute.
Interestingly multi-tasker, always ready to buffer, to assist is her offer…
Invoke intelligent discussions, able to tackle intelligent talks,
She reflects her office as a whole; she stands as their ambassador.
The company’s heaviest marketer…
She is able to make each individual special, a given gift that’s so unusual.
She is able to make the people move around so safely and smoothly.
Partly she is there to guard them hardly…

She can be a communal calendar, very informational…
To who she have in the first line of communication is the first thing on her vision.

Possesses good attitude, the quality she is maintaining,
For the rude and the mean whether client or supplier,
Her quest is to handle well...
If in-case the situation is unbearable and is difficult to handle,
The power of calmness is her tool-
For if the issues are un-manageable, it is now her managers’ favour.


by aira olayvar

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this is rehashed Horace.
This poem is going to haunt me... there are some countries that seem to breed such melancholy thoughts, their folklore looking back to heroes long time gone but not forgotten under the soil of their homeland., Incredible piece of writing.
Seems to be knocking! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
The view of his homeland in this poem makes me think it signals why he left and eventually came to live in California. -GK
Such an interesting write by Edwin Muir👍👍👍
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