(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Scotland Where I Can Roam

How would you like to roam
The beautiful Scottish hills?
Green as far as the eye can see
Where animals meander at will?

Cattle grazing without a care
Countless fields of sheep
So many wonderful memories
In my heart I’ll forever keep

For my ancestors came from Scotland
Where I go to search their names
I find them on tombstones
On old and ancient graves

I can hear the music in my ear
So beautiful and just amazing
Goes along with the landscape
And the animals that are grazing

Flowers dot the countryside
Something new very season of the year
Delightfully interchangeable
Beauty and fragrance brings a tear

Heather, snowdrops and rhododendron
Start the year out faithfully
Crocus, Magnolia and the Daffodil
Are such a joy for us to see

Cherry blossoms follow
Marsh Violet and Forsythia as well
Flowering currant along roadsides
Oh, what a delightful place to dwell

I’m so proud of my Scottish roots
It’s such a joy to go back home
There’s nowhere I would rather be
Than Scotland where I can roam!

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