Enjoy The Scenery To Express My Feeling




Enjoy The Scenery To Express My Feeling

Lofty tone sings aloud
the scenery of the high-speed rail
The great plan major exhibition of
feelings of the leading powers
Moonlight being bright the eyes
follows autumn arriving
Sounds of tides beating shore
come into the dream

Note: first and second sentences by Zhenbolangqing.
Third and fourth sentences by Luo Zhihai.

4/18/2018对联体 ●七绝罗志海译
Two Pairs of Couplets ● Seven Words of Quatrain
Translation by Luo Zhihai
The 5,731th Two Pairs of Couplets

by Luo Zhihai

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A well written poem but in reality sheer fantasy true freedom is to turn the senses inward thus knowing one's true self knowing true freedom. Daily for half hour sit close eyes concentrate on breath / as mind stills the experience one having will give one a greater understanding.
The sub-title for this poem is Bruce's address to his troops at Bannockburn. The Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 was the most famous victory by Robert the Bruce over the English and helped to retain at that time Scotland's status as a sovereign nation.